These M/Mysteries are contagious

January 29, 2015 Hi, everyone! You’ve reached the home page of Michael McCree and Simon Hart, otherwise known as Erin’s gaslight boys. Their sexcapades and investigations stretch over four books now:

tnHeartToHart.jpg 97x150 Heart to Hart sets up the improbable pairing of a roustabout named Michael McCree, a man with a huge secret … and a snotty, angry man named Simon Hart, whose good looks have drawn Michael into a murder mystery and a lot more on the emotional side of the ledger.

sparringwithshadows 97 copySparring with Shadows continues the adventures of two unlikely private investigators, who look into affairs very private indeed. Their efforts take them from a gay bar to the sewers under a city in their quest for a priceless treasure, a master criminal, and an answer to Simon’s anguished question about himself.

tothebone 97To the Bone introduces a character who worms his way between the two men, burrowing like a tick almost to the bone, while the investigators are on the trail of a thief and a murderer…not to mention a possible breakthrough in their always edgy relationship.

tnThinAsSmokeThin as Smoke: Out of the haze of cigarette smoke and the sea of clustered dancers steps a very thin man. A gaunt man, with shuttered eyes betraying both sickness and a world of emotional hurt. Dashiell Hammett has come to Dun Linden on a covert assignment, and he meets his old friend Michael after seven years. He’s astonished. Michael seems delighted. But Simon, refusing to admit how much he’s drawn to his handsome partner, is stricken by the sudden appearance of the man drawing Michael’s attention,

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4 comments on “These M/Mysteries are contagious

  1. erinsromance says:

    Reblogged this on The Man in Romance and commented:

    Have you privately investigated the home of PIs Michael and Simon? Here’s your intro to the two men who’ve stolen my heart, and a lot of others as well.

  2. Bo says:

    When will it be on Amazon? I didn’t even know it was out.

    • erinsromance says:

      Hi, Bo! The book will appear on Amazon … according to my publisher … on Tuesday, Feb. 17. They don’t seem to realize that most readers wait for the Amazon debut to buy. Thanks so much for your interest! It will be like a whole ‘nother launch, and I can hardly wait for that day. 😀

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