Thin as Smoke: Pub Date February 1

Out of the smoke and 1920s jazz music of the gay tavern Paddy’s steps a new character—Samuel Dashiell Hammett, the novelist of hard-boiled crime and former friend of Michael McCree. The new novel, titled Thin as Smoke, is set to debut on Amber Allure’s site on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Its Amazon debut will follow.

Here is a teaser from the book:

danc 420

A muffled cough, a shimmer of silken shirt, the smell of a man’s cologne … Simon felt the presence of a stranger before he saw his shadowed face. A man, a very slender man, was leaning over Michael, his mouth close to his ear. Yet Simon heard his words clearly.

“May I have this dance?”

Michael seemed as startled by the intrusion as Simon. He saw his companion begin to shake his head in automatic denial.Then his eyebrows shot up, and his jaw slackened a little. Leaning close to Simon, he mouthed, “Finally,” and he lifted his head and grinned at the gangly man.

“Sure. Love to, me dally.”

He stood. A languid hand seized his, drew him away from the table and into the crowd.

Simon sat dumbfounded for a few minutes, not hearing the music or seeing anyone in the cluster of bodies except for Michael groin to groin with a thin, even gaunt, yet not-so-bad-looking partner.

Even from a twenty-foot distance, in the wavering light, through a film of smoke, Simon could see the man’s features. The languorous dancer had a shock of dark hair combed straight back from a narrow face; and over his top lip crouched the razor’s edge of a mustache. His eyes were unreadable. Black, heavy-lidded, almost deliberately expressionless. Dusky smudges under them bespoke either sickness or sleepless nights, or both. Below the dark circles, his prominent cheekbones reminded Simon of a bird of prey. A raven … or a vulture.

He shuddered. Who is this creature, and why is my gut in knots looking at him?

In case you want to visit Erin O’Quinn’s author page at the Amber Allure bookstore, or on Amazon, here are your links:


2 comments on “Thin as Smoke: Pub Date February 1

  1. alexakira69 says:

    My mouth actually went dry. Duh-am this is the tastiest of teases and now I’m salivating… worse, I’m editing one of own my tiny tales and yes, an amorous part, sigh. I’m just taking the fire this kindled and use it to inspire. : ) Love, love, love this! Thank you Erin.

    • erinsromance says:

      Ha, I just saw this comment, Alex, sorry for being such a sluggard …

      Always, you’re like kindling wood to my inspirational fire. Just knowing I’ve inspired or pleased you, that’s enough to put me in a writing mode for hours.

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