M/Mysteries and Prohibition: Bottom’s Up!

On the cusp of THIN AS SMOKE, the fourth Gaslight Mystery, I need to take you back in time …

America, 1924.

prohib newspaper

Prohibition has put law enforcement and the Mafia on the front lines, in a battle for men’s (and women’s) unquenchable thirst for truth, justice, and bathtub gin.

prohibition era blue

The waters of the East Coast have become the playground for “rum-runners,” smart bootleggers who smuggle illegal booze into the country via torpedo boats and other fast vessels, swifter than the Coast Guard can possibly hope to follow and apprehend.

Into this scenario steps Dashiell Hammett, now famous for his hard-boiled crime novels; but back in the early 1920’s a tubercular, penniless ex-Pinkerton’s op trying to eke out a living in San Francisco.

dash sepiapizap.com14179637165641

When the Pinkerton’s Agency approaches him to go to Ireland in search of the illegal whiskey trail, he reluctantly agrees to return for one last assignment with his former employer…for the right price.

Enter Michael McCree and Simon Hart.

Find out how these three men manage not just to meet in Ireland, but to work together. And learn how Hammett, thin as a smoke tendril, still manages to insinuate his way between the two close PI partners. His involvement guarantees that Michael and Simon will never return to the same old relationship.


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The first three Gaslight novels are

THIN AS SMOKE arrives February 1

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