Coming out starts in the mind …

str backed

Yes, Simon has tried to hide his deep attraction to Michael for … let’s see, three books now. But his sensuous partner has permeated his life, in every way. Why is it Simon cannot look at a simple wooden chair without becoming aroused? What desire is he trying to tamp down? What hope lies so deep he cannot face it?

At last, in Thin as Smoke, the catalyst of Dashiell Hammett has forced jealous Simon to look at his stifled desires much more closely than ever before.

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Simon missed the man already. He imagined him in that tiny car, knee-to-knee with Dashiell Hammett. Or worse. The picture of a flesh-and-blood Michael McCree took shape in front of his eyes as he regarded the large stiff-backed wooden chair. One year ago. A perilous adventure just completed. The sight of a man standing at that very chair, in between changing from kaffies to dress slacks…fedora and suspenders

Trembling with suffused excitement, as always after the conclusion of a harrowing case, he could not help glancing toward Michael’s backside. Unconscious of his gaze, the man had bent to put on a fresh pair of trousers. The sight turned his gut to jelly.

A firm ass covered with silken down. A set of drooping testicles cobwebbed with golden hair. Flat muscles rippling and beckoning in the gaslight.

“Do not turn around.” His own voice crackled in the large, silent room.

His partner, no doubt astonished, obeyed. Simon knelt behind him. His tongue flicked and flayed the soft flesh, and then found the yielding anus. While his fingers splayed the butt cheeks, he began to suck and probe.

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Simon wrenched his mind from the memory. Why now, dammit? I have work to do, and fast.


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