Being lazy, I’ll let one blog intro the newest Gaslight Mystery to another blog. Later this week, I’ll dress it up for company. Find the cover and links on the Man in Romance blog, by following the bread crumbs below…and thanks for your interest!

The Man in Romance

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The next novel in The Gaslight Mysteries series finally arrives. The links are ready. I’ve advertised a Friday release, but what the hey. Early is good!

I started this one immediately after I wrote THIN AS SMOKE, a year ago, and then it got pushed aside by two other novels and four novellas. But Michael is a patient sort of bloke, in spite of  what Simon seems to think. I actually wrote the bulk of it in last November’s NaNoWriMo, the same writing impetus that produced Heart to Hart, Thin asSmoke, and Nevada Highlander.

skinny samBecause it’s set the day following TAS action, Dashiell is still sitting with his bottle of whiskey at the gentlemen’s club, waiting to be taken dockside.  It just seemed natural that he’d stick around for a while, so here he  is, fedora and all. (The image is just a tease, from a…

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