Rite of passage: explicit or subtle?

A few days ago, one of my Facebook groups had a discussion about explicit sex scenes. How far do I let my characters go? What is my most—and least—explicit scene?

I can answer both questions with one scene. 😉

Simon fights his demons in Sparring with Shadows, and no demon is so persistent as his flatmate Michael. The night before, the closeted PI had fallen asleep with Michael beside him on the large four-poster. His bedmate had promised to keep his distance…

Just remember that the boy has not yet begun to articulate four-letter words, even in his mind. What happens next is almost a chaste dream. Almost—

phallus 300Simon felt happy. A fleeting sense of well-being, of some satisfying dream just resolved, caused him to waken slowly instead of experiencing his usual jolt into reality. He was warm. In fact, an unusual kind of heat had invaded the entire area of his groin. Instead of fighting it, he sank into it, allowing his penis to sit rigidly in a place of refuge. He pushed closer to the source of emanating warmth. And then it moved.

His haven, his harbor, seized the entire length of his flesh with a gentle squeeze, and he moaned, spurring it deeper, willing the dream to continue.

At some level, he realized he’d entered Michael, whether by his own urgent need or by his bedmate’s polished maneuvering. Other than his inner muscle’s sudden seizure, the man was not moving at all, letting Simon push into his anus and groan into his broad back.

For once in his life, Simon let his needing flesh dictate his actions. The sensation of being inside another human being had thickened him, made him harder and longer than he’d ever been. The hot walls of his lover’s rectum seemed to swell and subside, collapse and widen as he thrust himself to the very root of his testicles. And then he withdrew a few inches, only to slam himself into those walls again, plunging and battering.

phallus greek winged

Now Michael’s buttocks had begun to move in waves and swells, letting Simon ride him, urge him, run him while he cried out a name in his approaching release. The moment of climax left him shuddering in joy and disbelief, biting into the man’s back, drawing blood.

Not once had Michael uttered a word. It was as though he had slept through Simon’s own dream and now was returning to deep slumber. Grateful, Simon lay with his arms around the big man’s chest, his penis still inside the hot buttocks, listening to his own heart crash against his ribs.

Before he withdrew and rolled to the far side, Simon let his lips move against Michael’s naked shoulders. It was a silent appreciation, lasting only a few seconds, and then he escaped the large mahogany bed.

What happens next? Find out!

Sparring with shadows is here, with the others:

~The Gaslight Mysteries http://amzn.to/2CZsBxm

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3 comments on “Rite of passage: explicit or subtle?

  1. erinsromance says:

    Reblogged this on The Man in Romance and commented:

    Explicit or subtle. One or the other…but not both. Right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. suzanawylie says:

    Oh, this brings back memories of the first time I read this book! I’ve got to push these to the top of my TBR-R (re-read) list. Beautiful as always, intense, and immediate. If I were suddenly Michael, I couldn’t feel this any more directly than I do reading it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • erinsromance says:

      Susan, I’ve since re-written, re-formatted, re-covered and reed the books to a fine old mess! Thank you for the vote of confidence. You are Michael’s and Simon’s biggest fan and their favotite author (next to Omar Khayyam). ❤


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