Shadow Sex

Shadows and sex are the perfect combination for Simon Hart. Only in the latest novel, Thin as Smoke, does he begin to let a dark burden of guilt slide from his broad shoulders as he steps into the light.

The angry, uptight and secretive Simon is on a long journey. In four books, he evolves

From a snotty Cambridge man, to one broken in grief by the murder of his business partner, to a competent and deadly opponent … (Heart to Hart

From a self-styled “regular fellow,” to a determined participant in a voyeur’s bed and a damn fine cane wielder  … (Sparring with Shadows

From an aloof private eye in an investigation firm, to an impassioned seeker after adventure for a covert agency, all the while discovering the allure of a simple silken necktie   … (To the Bone

From a frustrating non-sexual existence to a life full of sensuous surprise. (Thin as Smoke and no doubt beyond)

In short, Simon is slowly coming out of his sexual prison, under the tutelage of his savage-and-gentle lover Michael; yet still, he emerges in shadows. Until he can look deeply into his heart and embrace his complex desires, he will remain in those shadows.

I have chosen the following photos to express my idea of Simon Hart and his secret life, as slowly revealed in four Gaslight Mysteries.

I’ll add to this album from time to time, as I find images which reflect his journey.


The image in the chair is one still embedded in Simon’s own imagination. But fantasies have a way of coming true, if only a man can be honest to his lover. Maybe in the fifth mystery, Masters of Cane.

My friend Susan Wylie Wilson (aka novelist Suzana Wylie) has graciously lent a few photos to this collage. She is the undisputed captain of Team Michael and Team Simon both. Only this first one has a few words. The next two are from Susan (wet kissing, and lying on boards).

For those who don’t like trolling through blog sites for links, find the entire series on my Amazon page:

head back b&w-pizap.com13982028366831







b&w kiss shower

lying on boards

mouth:neck shadowstie to chair crop2 men:shadowslaid back

tie shadows

tied to bed

shadows 2 men


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  1. alexakira69 says:

    Um, Gulp…nice, uh, pics… : )

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