The eternal tango…

From early in MASTERS OF CANE, the 5th Gaslight Mystery…

Michael is standing at his bureau, bending a little, trying to shave by looking into a small mirror.

He was still a little rattled over his last sight of Simon standing rigid on the opposite side of his large, crisply-made bed. The look in the man’s soul-filled aqua eyes had cried out louder than a moan.

I need you, Michael.

His right hand trembled slightly as he aimed the straight razor, still absorbed in thoughts of Simon…

Shit criminy. Michael had almost leapt onto the bed and strode across its surface to reach his partner, to seize both shoulders, to force the words from his mouth. And then, as usual, he’d stopped himself.

Anything he did, almost anything he said, might drive Simon back into the shadows. Best to give his sometime-lover a little room to maneuver. Let him think through what had happened in the last few days.

’Twas no use kicking his own arse over the way he’d damned near raped the man when they first came together a year ago. Somehow they’d both survived Michael’s exuberant dick and Simon’s desperate self-denials. He’d promised himself he would never go back to being a maddened bullock, horns out, ready to attack any red cape in front of his one-eyed charge.

tangoAnd so for twelve months he’d danced the provocative tango, subtly leading, then allowing Simon to close the embrace and change the tempo for a few beats … back and forth, in and out. They dipped and swayed to music Michael was certain both of them could hear. Just that he heard a complete fantasia, while Simon was still responding to the opening bars.

The wanna-be—the thick sexual tension that runs throughout the first four Gaslight Mysteries—all that changes in this fifth novel. It’s subtle. Outwardly, Simon still seems petulant and aloof. But inside, where his heart and his very manhood lie deep, a crucial change has begun.

It all started with that damn interloper Samuel Dashiell Hammett. [Thin as Smoke]  But I’m dancing shead of the beat…


Explicit excerpt from MASTERS OF CANE:

si robe paradise=pizap.com14288493572001Michael saw the silk-robed figure standing behind him, reflected in the small shaving mirror. He stood rock-still, waiting for Simon to speak.

“McCree. Do not turn around.”

Those words, whether studied or not, forced his cock to instant attention. They were the same ones Simon had uttered a year ago when he’d knelt behind him and stroked his ass, parted the cheeks and licked the honey-hole, then turned him around so he could bury his need inside this man’s hot, unskilled mouth.

And so Michael stood straight as a sentinel, heart slamming against his ribs, tongue thick with surprise. 

Simon’s warm fingers slid over the skin of his hips and tugged on the towel. The voice in his right ear was husky, hesitant—


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~The Gaslight Mysteries, gay retro with a twist

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The final two novels form a natural pair…

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tango film by Carlos SauraThis image is from the film Tango by Carlos Saura. I just wrote an article in another blog about the queer tango.  Take a look!